Digging and Dealing in Eighteenth-Century Rome.

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New Haven and London, 2010. 2 voll. cm. 28×21, pp. 408 214, ill. a col. e in nero n. t., tela e sovrac. in cust.
This important and long-awaited book offers the first overview of all British-led excavation sites in and around Rome in the Golden Age of the Grand Tour in the mid to late eighteenth century. Based on research carried out by the late Ilaria Bignamini, the authors have undertaken the monumental task of tracing sculptures and other works of art that are currently in public collections around the world from their original find sites via the dealers and entrepreneurs to private collectors in Britain. In the first volume, which is extensively illustrated, approximately fifty sites, each located by maps, are analysed in historical and topographical detail. These are followed by fifty newly researched and written biographies of the major names in the Anglo-Italian world of dealing and collecting. Essays by Bignamini and Hornsby introduce the field of study and elucidate the complex bureaucracy of the papal administration.The second volume of the book is a collection of hundreds of letters from the dealers and excavators abroad to collectors in England, offering a rich source of information about all aspects of the art market at the time.The book is an invaluable resource for scholars working in a rapidly expanding area where European art and cultural history meet archaeology.

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